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Evictions During Coronavirus

Evictions During Coronavirus (Covid-19)  Has the State of Florida enacted any eviction prohibitions due to coronavirus (COVID-19)? Governor DeSantis signed Executive Order Number 20-94 (Emergency Management – COVID -19 – Mortgage Foreclosure and Eviction Relief) on April 2, 2020, suspending all non-payment rental evictions and mortgage foreclosures until May 17, 2020 Based on Section 3 […]

Self Storage Evictions

Self Storage Unit Evictions differ from run-of-the-mill residential evictions or commercial evictions in several key respects. Chapter 83 Part III of the Florida Statutes governs evictions of renters from self storage units. Parts I and Part II of Chapter 83 govern commercial and residential tenancies, respectively.

Removing Unwanted Persons After a Tax Deed Sale

Ejectments After a Tax Deed Sale We often have clients approach us about removing occupants from residential real property after a successful bid at a mortgage foreclosure auction or tax deed sale. The process and procedure governing removing occupants after a tax deed sale or foreclosure auction is significantly different from an eviction. Eviction attorneys […]