Tenant Eviction Cost

You are a Florida Landlord or Property Manager and you are wondering, “How much does it cost to evict my tenant?” or “How long will it take to evict my tenant?” When a Landlord decides to evict a Tenant, the Landlord or Landlord’s attorney must file a formal lawsuit in the County Court where the property is located. There are several “costs” associated with filing an eviction that no Landlord can avoid. Such “costs” are paid to the Courts, the Process Servers, and the County Sheriffs. Evict FL covers these costs for each and every Landlord to expedite the process. The costs associated with filing a residential tenant eviction for possession only are outlined below. If you intend to sue for eviction (possession) and money damages, additional costs apply and the eviction process becomes lengthier. If you are a commercial Landlord and need to evict a commercial tenant, contact one of our attorneys today for a free legal consultation.


  1. $195.50                          Filing Fee for One-Count Complaint for Eviction (Paid to Court)
  2. $10.00                            Court Cost to Issue Eviction Summons (Paid to Court)
  3. $55.00                            Service of Process Guaranteed 48 Hours (Paid to Process Server)
  4. $395.00                        Attorney’s Fee (Paid to Attorney) (Due at Signing)

$655.50                                COST OF 1ST STAGE OF EVICTION PER TENANT

NOTE: All evictions, unlawful detainers, or ejectment actions are handled exclusively by an attorney, not a paralegal.


If the Tenant/Defendant fails to pay or vacate after the lawsuit has been filed and served, a writ of possession must be initiated to recover possession of the premises.

  1. $90.00 – $115.00      Post 24 Hour Notice and Execute Writ (Paid to Sheriff)
  2. $115.00                      Attorney’s Fee (Paid to Attorney)

$205.00 – $230.00        COSTS OF 2ND STAGE OF EVICTION


In the event that a Tenant/Defendant contests the eviction and files an Answer to Landlord’s lawsuit, Attorney will be required to file additional pleadings and may be required to attend hearings to obtain final judgment. The costs outlined above do not apply to contested evictions. If you are a property owner and you need to evict your tenant, call Evict FL today for a free legal consultation. Our lawyers are readily available to guide you through the eviction process.

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