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Miami Eviction Lawyers

Miami is home to over 3 million people and is the largest and most populated area in Florida. Miami also happens to have one of the highest eviction rates in the country. Landlord tenant disputes are fairly common in Miami, and when disputes arise, Landlords would be ill-advised not to retain an experienced eviction lawyer in Miami. A Miami eviction lawyer that is familiar with the local courts can provide a great advantage to landlords seeking to remove their tenants.

Our law firm represents Landlords and Tenants in evictions and other Landlord tenant related disputes throughout Miami. Evicting tenants from rental properties involves a complex set of legal procedures. If done without an experienced Miami eviction attorney, the eviction process can be delayed resulting in lost time and money for the landlord.

eviction lawyer miami

Miami Eviction Attorneys

Although Miami evictions are governed by Florida State law, retaining a local law firm to help you prosecute or defend an eviction in Miami is an intelligent way to protect your legal interests and minimize any potential liability. Because evictions are done at the county-level, retaining an eviction attorney that does not regularly practice in the Miami court system can put you at a severe disadvantage.

We help Miami Landlords and Tenants with the following Landlord Tenant and eviction related paperwork:

  • Filing lawsuits for eviction
  • Defending eviction lawsuits for possession & money damages.
  • Drafting and Serving 3 Day Notices
  • Drafting and Serving 7 Day Notices
  • Drafting and Serving Notices terminating Month to Month Tenancies
  • Drafting and Serving 20 Day Notices
  • Negotiating & Drafting Residential Leases
  • Negotiating & Drafting Commercial Leases

Our Miami Eviction Attorneys provide free consultations to landlords and tenants. If you are a commercial or residential landlord looking for a Miami eviction attorney, our law firm is here to help. Likewise, if you are a commercial or residential tenant in Miami and you are facing eviction, our Miami eviction lawyers may help you navigate and reduce liability involved in the process. Contact one of our Miami eviction lawyers today for a free consultation.