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Our Eviction Lawyers process evictions on behalf of Landlords and Property Managers throughout the State of Florida. If you are a Landlord or Property Manager and you need help dealing with a problem Tenant, call EVICT FL today and speak with a Florida Eviction Lawyer. Our attorneys will work with you every step of the way to ultimate success.

If you need to evict a problem tenant and you are located in Florida, call Evict-FL today for a free consultation. The faster a Landlord begins the eviction process, the faster the Tenant can be removed. Visit our Homepage or Contact page for more information.

Residential Evictions Across Florida

You’ve rented out your house, apartment, or commercial space on the basis of either an oral or written agreement. Now, for one reason or another, the Tenant breached the terms of the lease. In other words, you need to evict your Tenant. One of the most common ways a Tenant breaches a lease is when the Tenant refuses to pay rent. Evictions are not self-help measures. Evictions have to be done according to the laws of the State where the property is located. We are, after all, a country of laws. Changing the locks or in anyway altering the property without first going through the judicial process may be an illegal or wrongful eviction. Without a team of legal professionals to guide you along the way, you run the risk of wrongfully evicting your Tenant.

Eviction Process in Florida

First, a Legal Complaint for Eviction with the Lease (if its a written lease) and applicable three day Notice is filed with the clerk of Court in the County where the property is located. Once the complaint for eviction is filed, the complaint is then served by a certified process server to the Tenant. If the eviction is for possession only (not money damages), then, under Florida law, the Tenants have 5 business days to file a response to the Complaint with the clerk of the Court and/or deposit the alleged unpaid rent due into the Court Registry. If nothing is filed by the Tenant, then the attorney files for default and final judgment by the Judge. If the Tenant does file an answer to the Complaint for eviction, and does deposit the alleged unpaid rent due with the Clerk of Court, which only occurs in a very small number of cases in Attorneys’ experience, then Attorneys either file a motion to strike the tenant’s response for one of several legal reasons, or the eviction case is set by the Judge for a final hearing or possibly mediation.

The attorneys at Evict FL will then proceed to defeat the Tenant at the hearing and seek a final judgment for eviction by the Judge. The Final Judgment gives legal possession of the rental property back to the Landlord. After the Final Judgment is entered by the Judge, the Clerk of Court issues a Writ of Possession. Attorneys’ goal (which is subject to change based on court schedules and volume of work) is that Attorneys will get issued the final judgment and writ of possession within 3 weeks from the date of filing the Complaint for eviction. After Attorneys receive the issued Writ of Possession, Attorneys deliver it to Client along with Writ of Possession Instructions.


Founding Attorney - Eviction Lawyer of Florida

Philippe Revah, ESQ

Philippe Revah, Esq.

Philippe Revah, Esq. is the founding partner of Eviction Lawyers of Florida. Mr. Revah has been advocating for clients in throughout Florida during his entire career.


“Phil helped me with a security deposit issue with my landlord. We avoided going to court and he settled my case quickly. He’s intelligent, fair minded and aggressive.”

“I used Phil for legal advice on a real estate contract issue. Phil was attentive, responsive, and honest. I recommend him and Revah law.”


“I met Revah at the courthouse when no one there seemed to know where to direct me or what to do. I approached him and he immediately responded that he was happy to help. Due to Revah’s expertise I was able to successfully resolve the issue in an timely matter.”

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